We are excited to announce that HerStory Blog now has a Patreon page. What is a Patreon you ask? Well, back in the old days people who created things like art, music, and stories were sponsored by others who appreciated their craft, Patrons. 

Patreon is bringing patronage back and we're jumping on board. If you've been following HerStory during the past year and a half you know that it is our goal to share stories and empower women across the globe. You know we've had writers from the US, Canada, Greece, Guatemala, Australia, and more. We want to continue bringing you these stories but we also want to grow! By sponsoring us on Patreon you: 

  • Allow us pay our writers 
  • Help keep our website going
  • Enable us to donate once a month to a nonprofit doing good for women
  • Make it possible for us to create merchandise to sell
  • Permite us the chance to dream about how to grow HerStory and take it off the screen and into the world


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