my america:
women's stories of life in america


America is changing before our eyes. Its a new era and we are terrified. We won't sugar coat it. These next four years are going to be hard. 

But we can resist. We will resist. HerStory will be here for the next four years telling your stories, getting your voices out there. This is how we resist. We. Will. Not. Stay. Silent. 

In our My America series we will chronicle the lives of female identifying folks all over America. Whether you are a housewife, a CEO, a grandmother, an immigrant, unemployed, a student, or whatever, we need your voice. We want your voice. Our My America series will be snapshots of America from your point of view. How you see her changing, staying the same, succeeding, and failing. What is happening in your corner of the country? We want to know. We want to share your story. 


To submit to My America please email us at with either a full story or a story pitch. Please remember to include photos and a short bio. Please keep all submission under 5,000 words.