Storytelling is a community event. Learning the stories of those around us-those we work with, those we go to school with, and even those whom we just met-helps teach empathy. HerStry offers three kinds of community centered Workshops to help you tell your story.


Online Workshops

Our online workshops are offered every other month and are a great way for you to be part of a writing community from the comfort of your own home.

Workshops last 5 weeks and include:
- Lessons on writing creative nonfiction
- Gentle critiques from class peers and instructor
- Line by line edits from instructor

Cost: $75

In-Person Workshops

Our in-person Workshops offer a chance for women to come together in an intimate setting to tell stories and empower one another. In person workshops are available upon request at the location of your choosing. Whether it be your book club, your writing class, or your co-workers, HerStry will tailor the Workshop just for you.

All in person Workshops are between 2-3 hours and include:
- Tools and tips to tell your personal narrative
- Getting to the bottom WHY your story is important
- Time for each participant to share her own story
- Personalized journals for each woman in attendance



School Age Workshops

Our school aged Workshops are geared towards girls in grades 6 - 12 and focus on the power of storytelling and self-esteem.

It is no secret that better self awareness leads to better self-esteem. It's also no secret that from a young age many girls learn to keep quiet, becoming a minor character in their own story. 

HerStry school aged workshops teach girls to take a hold of their stories and write them for themselves.

Workshops Include: