Modern Love: 
Love in All its Forms

It's February, so let's talk about love. But not the kind of love you are probably thinking of. Lets talk about Modern Love. The kind of love that isn't necessarily romantic. It could be the love story between you and a friend. Between you and a cat. Heck, between you and that slice of pizza! 

Love comes in lots of forms. Let's talk about it!

The Rules: 

  • All stories must be true and about you.
  • All stories must follow the theme of love in some way (but that way is open to interpretation)
  • All stories must be between 900 - 3000 words.
  • Stories must be submitted as Word Documents (We do not accept Google Docs)
  • Stories must be submitted with a short bio and photo of the author. 

All stories can be submitted to

Art by Natalie Very B.

Natalie Modern Love.jpeg