"It's Kind of  Funny Story..."


We've all been there. Sitting with a group of friends and talking about something funny that happened to us. You've probably even used the phrase, "Its kind of a funny story..." 

Well, during the month of June we want to share your funny stories. Goofy things that happened to you, disastrous family vacations that you can laugh at now, that time you mom embarrassed you in front of the whole school. You know the stories... 


The Rules

  • All stories must be true and about you.
  • All stories must follow the theme of 'It's kind of a Funny Story...' in some way  (but that way is open to interpretation)
  • All stories must be between 900 - 3000 words.
  • Stories must be submitted as Word Documents (Please no Google Docs or PDFs)
  • Stories must be submitted with a short bio and photo of the author. 

All stories due June 21st. 


Artwork by Natalie Very B.