Beauty Standards: 
Stories About Our Bodies



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Let's talk about them. 

During the month of March we are going to talk about beauty standards and what society says about our bodies, our skin, and our clothing. 

Do you have a story about your body? Do you have story about what it's like to live in a world that is always talking about our bodies and telling us what to do with them? Maybe you have a story about how you learned to love your body again. 

Whatever your story is we want to tell it!

The Rules: 

  • All stories must be true and about you.
  • All stories must follow the theme of beauty and bodies in some way  (but that way is open to interpretation)
  • All stories must be between 900 - 3000 words.
  • Stories must be submitted as Word Documents (We do not accept Google Docs)
  • Stories must be submitted with a short bio and photo of the author. 

All stories can be submitted to

All stories due March 23rd. 

Art By Natalie Very B. 

Natalie Very B. is a published Polish-Canadian illustrator and educator. Her artistic career is based on investigation of whimsical shapes of feminism in today’s world, as well as teaching creative skills to the youth. Her paintings reveal many Slavic folklore influences, while myths and legends are a constant source of inspiration whenever she creates a new body of work. Equality between sexes is a major issue in today’s society and a strong incentive for her to make illustrations that depict women as beautiful, empowered, and strong. Her artwork emanates wistful longing, tangible nostalgia, and exploration of the concept of “home” as a haunting visual element.

instagram: @natalieveryb
etsy store: