Write for Us

Telling your story is a revolutionary act. 

Unless she did something incredible (or very, very bad) most women don't get named in history.  HerStry wants to rewrite the narrative and put women front and center.

Since 2015 we have collected hundreds of stories from women all over the world. Stories about love, loss, motherhood, growing up, and so many more. We all have something to say, and we all have expirences worth sharing. HerStry want to get every woman writing, talking, and sharing her story. 


Personal Essays

Tell Your Story

Our weekly personal essays give writers the chance to tell whatever story she like. Stories can be about anything as long as they are true and about you.

Monthly Theme

Participate in our Monthly theme

Each month HerStry publishes monthly theme stories during the last week of the month. The themes are announced at the beginning of each month. Essays can be about anything as long as they are based on the theme, are true, and are about you.


Use Poetry as storytelling

At HerStry we believe that poetry is a form of storytelling. If pros aren't your thing send us a poem. We publish poetry weekly.