A Vegetarian Wolf Does Not Have Many Friends in the Jungle

a vegetarian wolf does not have many friends in the forest. 
but the vast earth provides such a vibrant vessel of energy 

the moon does not smell like cheese.
and there never was a fuckin cow that jumped over it.
but there was a man who lived in there and smiled until he realized the nursey rhyme was a crock of shit.

a little girl walked around with flowers in her hair and would probably get kidnapped if a stranger gave her candy. I wonder if she knows how hopelessly hopeful she is in a world filled with misfits waiting to taint her pure pretty eyes.

The elephants are dancing a tune they have learned centuries ago. And there is a woman singing the same damn song when her heart got hit with a sledge hammer.

The uncanny connection of creatures…

Politics. Politricks.

Maybe my skin is soft. Maybe my heart is weak. Maybe my love is too strong. and maybe I stayed too long. Maybe it is time to go. I tried to be a fish and forget that things do not last. But my elephant by my door should have reminded me and kicked me. What a ass. 

The painkiller this person swallowed was nothing but a placeobo. The pill was not love. the pill was a plea. A plea for something more; a plea to try a new flavor.
Instead of fucking you. I decided to fuck me. 

I hope that little girl steals a blow bob from that bastard and struts away with her pigtails flying high in the sky. Hopefully she has learned how to give a middle finger.

Maybe a wolf can eat leaves as long as those carnivores let her be.
Starving the bad wolf is a lot harder than it seems.
They love the flesh of bullshit and love the red that bleeds out of a lifeless body.
Oh well. let them eat cake you say. fuck it you say. run away as you do..
or walk on egg shells. or do the mamba..

Why don't you surprise yourself. do what you are not used to doing.
Stay and howl at the moon even in your Sundays best. maybe you will be surprised who decides to sit next to you… the man in the moon may actually smile back.
It has been a while.
give it a try.

-Noel Blackmire