i found them

Joe got a cup of Jane

Give me the cliché and I’ll rewrite it into something beautiful
Something you have never heard before
That you are craving without even knowing it
You want different? I can make the masterpiece you desire
But it will cost you an arm, since I’m so sweet you can keep your leg
I hope you understand
I hope you’re not furious
It may be all Greek to you or possibly Japanese
I promise it’ll be worth it if you can keep up with me
You’re a skip, a hop and a broken leg behind me
If you can keep this 6/8 time with me we can make something magical
When you hide behind the curtain you just hide with the other coward magicians
You can’t have your cake and eat it too because thats how you get fat
But then again it’s not over til the fat lady sings
It’s your choice.
The red pill or the blue pill?
One will take you down the rabbit hole
The other will take you on a magic carpet ride
If you forgot your parachute I wouldn’t suggest either one
You would change your mind during the freewill
The clock does not fall in reverse
The madness is a journey not a destination

Either way the sun will set on this day and tomorrow will come


-Jenna Hansen


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