Salt and Pepper

I am
salt and pepper follicles
an antique framed
limited edition preserved
unique, among
the ebony and ivory
of life.

Hot flash induced
words spew humid opinions
and pirouette ageless grace.
My "cup runneth over" rants
disguised as wisdom

My shell travels South
my heart travels North
my words caught midriff
sans baggage.

Steppin out...
piano man
tickles my ivories with
rat - a - tat - tat
jazz boogie hands playing
the notes to perfection, never
tiring the rhythm.

java induced inspirations
flow freely
while I count pixels on
white paper canvases
desolate of words - the
emptiness of writer's block.

bids farewell on the heels
of moonlight afterglow and
I reminisce quiet storms.

A day in the life,
back in the day
matters not. 
It's the pepper and salt
to taste I have to offer

Ah! Turning 50.

-Joanne Olivieri