We gaze at the moon together
A magical reverie
Asking ourselves what it means
To be here
Together alone
Breathing in tandem
I collect your thoughts like precious stones
For safekeeping
Remnants of your frosty breath hang in the night air
Your voice soothes me asleep
The gentle hum of a violin
Rocks me back and forth
Like a sailboat at sea
A soft ebb and flow
We lay belly up on the bow
Your hand in mine
Like a nostalgic melody
I’ve known all my life
It feels so natural
Worn and tepid
Like broken leather
You smell of old books with curled up pages
Comforting and familiar
Exuding cool wisdom and playful anecdotes
That transcend your youth
Refined with age
Questioning father time
Seeking the thread to tie up loose ends
Like catching butterflies in a meadow
Desperate for a glimpse of beauty
I will hold the net
As you let it all go
Open arms
Nestled inside yourself
Serenity guides you home

-Kelly Spence 

Julia NusbaumComment