Return Me

There’s something you have of me
The memory of dark skies
Trapped in words faded, unspoken
And a letter soaked in tears
Burn that soft paper return me, o what is mine

 It was fall, when I heard the first leaves rustling
Being crushed under my naked feet
The branch of that autumn; dried still trembles
Make the tremble stop 
And make the branch drop
Return me…

 Drenched in rain
A little less
A little more
A part of me hovers beside you,
Return that part of me 
Return me...

 A part of my heart,
Filled with love,
Love from the stars
And the universe,
Has been lost, in your musing
The part, which had a million tears
Send me those..
Return me...

 The things I supposed, I assumed
The regret, that absently was there
The promise unfulfilled
Never made…
The stings unintentional
And mistaken…

And a pardon as a gift
With affection and well wishes
Return me o what is mine
Through everything between
So in peace we sleep



"Shreya Tandel is a self established poet or you can say amateur poet;from india. Her poem "Inadvertently Alive" was featured in the blue pages literature magazine's 2018 september issue, her second poem "the one eyed doll" is going to be published in collective unrest magazine's february 2019 issue. When she isn't writing or is glued in front of a computer/cell phone screen, she spends time singing north indian classical music and reading the bhagwad gita and pretending very hard to be happy,even though she isn't. You can reach her at or on twitter at @merakuchsaamaan



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