I watched you sleep.
Your arms burrowed beneath my thighs
and your head arranged warm to my hip.
You were sound-crease-less in your flesh-
and, somehow, still gleaming with a gentle brilliance
even strangers couldn't pivot from.
And I couldn't blame them.
You were beautiful.
And I was gifted with
having you all to myself.
Right here,
just for right now.
And you'd the option of being anywhere,
but you picked to be tucked into the lap of my 5 foot 9 frame.
Your lashes as soft as a dandelion's puff,
and your hair, as black as the sand in Maui,
with each coil proudly in shape.
I watched you sleep.
-the color of almonds-
while your insides softly hummed
coexisting with the routine of the inhale and exhale of your chest.
Barely flinching, 
but occasionally reassuring yourself
I'd stayed put.
And honestly, 
I'd nowhere else to go,
or nowhere else.
at least, for now, 
where I'd felt the most unhurt.
I watched you sleep,
dreaming, peacefully,
-and I couldn't fish for your dreams-
but oftentimes, with you, 
I felt like I was living in one.

...I watched you sleep.


Julia NusbaumComment