Love Notes to the Sinking

It's so easy to trip into darkness-especially when it's available after you feel you've exercised all of your options and efforts. But climbing out of that dark far more testing and challenging once you're in there than you known. Fight hard to stay away from it please. Don't give up. Don't assume you are worth nothing and no on sees you-even if no one sees you.

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Proper Grip

I run my fingers over the edges and dips of the knife in my pocket. 

It is 6:30am and it is November. The sun has yet to offer peace of mind and the street lamp timers still believe the sun rises at 6am. 

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Poem Two

There is power in the woman who fights..
whether cut, bruised, or sore...
she continues
She fights for the sake of herself-for a peace within-
She fights to live and be free instead of solely exist
For dreams, for family, or whatever it may be, 
she continues...

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Latina Rebel

After emerging from the shower
She looks in the mirror and states:
“I still have lipstick on.”
And the memories of last night flood in
The dancing, the joy, the laughter.
And for the first time in a while
The sense of belonging – finally.

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I Am Not/I Am

I’m not the girl who looks like she stepped out of a magazine. I’m not tan, my hair isn’t long and blonde, my teeth aren’t sparkling white, and I’m not what you would consider “skinny.”

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How many times have I dreamed of a Daddy?
A man with a plan, a love of his family,
A man who would care; a father who’s there,
Who would guide me and love me, maybe even hug me
Who’d share his drink, teach me to think

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