He Said/She Said

In case I forget, he said, I love you.
I love you, she said, as if there was no one else in the world to love.
That’s how it should be, he said, and he kissed her pink mouth with his thick, brown lips.

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Why I need Feminism

Because the worst thing you call a man is a girl.
Because in seventh grade I asked my mom why girls shave their legs and
she said it makes us feel clean.
Because I felt clean until she said that.
Because I shaved my legs for the first time that night.

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Here I sit alone in my thoughts
A roomful of people and I'm still alone
What brought me here I don't really remember
Maybe it was a cool Autumn's night in  late September 

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The Life Cycle

Grandma had wisdom to impart,
but not everyone made time to listen.
She lived downstairs in her daughter’s home.
As she lay in her bed at night,
she listened for the beating of her heart.
Melodies stole their way to her
and rhythms beat a path.

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Reliving the Nightmare

Little black specs
Curled hairs in a pile between her feet
A tear might have fallen down her cheek
But there was no moisture left in her body
Instead, a drop of blood fell upon the hairs [pulled from her skin]
As if in an effort to mask the results of
Her humiliation

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Failed Attempt at Trying

And I was listening to country fusion
Driving a little faster than I ought from the Souplantation to home
Allowing my mind to suspend above lived experience to fantasy
Funny how these isolated moments puncture my misery just enough to inspire this

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Storms Ahead

I talk about the soul a lot

The soul being tarnished and how it can never return to its once innocent state

To her it felt like a Category 5 tornado blasting through her psyche without warning

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Bad Choice

This can't be all there is for life. But our lives get greedy.

Hill folk understand. The very wealthy understand.

You told me that you know it's too late now.
I don't know what late is anymore. 

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