Julia Nusbaum created HerStry after graduating from Vanderbilt University Divinity School in 2014 with her Master of Theological Studies. You might think a background in theology would make her an odd candidate for creating a feminist storytelling community, but we beg to differ.

In 2014 while finishing her master's thesis work at Thistle Farms, a recovery community in Nashville, Tennessee for women who have survived trafficking, addiction and life on the streets, Julia started a writing class. It was there, writing with the women of Thistle Farms, that she discovered the deep need women have to tell their stories. She discovered how our narratives shape how we see the world and how we perceive ourselves. Julia realized that by telling our stories and claiming our voices we start to become strong, confident, and empathetic women.


Meet the HerStry Team


Julia Nusbaum:

Julia is the creator and curator of HerStry. If you submit a story she will edit it for you, give you feed back, and help you make it publication ready. Julia currently lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her partner. When she is not working on HerStry she can be found working on her novel, reading, or cooking. You can follow her adventures on Instagram at @jules.nusbaum or @herstryblg. 


AShlee Christensen: 
Amplify Columnist

Ashlee lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is an Illinois native - grew up in the Chicago suburbs, went to school at Augustana College in Rock Island, IL, and lived in the city of Chicago up until 2015. In June 2015, she packed up with her partner and moved to the city she has absolutely fallen in love with, Pittsburgh! When she's not at work, she can typically be found in yoga class, working on the next edition of AMPLIFY, cuddling with George the cat, or enjoying trying to figure out what next home improvement task she is
going to take on. Follow her nonsense on Twitter: @trashleeinpgh


Jessica ochocki:
Communications Intern

Jessica is currently pursuing two degrees, one in Communication and another in Philosophy with an emphasis in Linguistics. Jessica has hopes of becoming a motivational speaker as well as working on her own poetry book! She believes stories have the power to change the world. When she isn't working on making the future brighter, she is roaming the state's hiking trails with her trusted companion Buddy. Buddy is Jessica's E.S.A. and helps her spread the message that mental health matters with one slobbery kiss at a time.