Dear Papa

Dear Papa,

 When the breeze blew cold, the sun shined bright and the room was filled with tears of happiness, you were holding a little girl in your arms. Your arms that were warm enough to cuddle her in that rainy and chilling July. Your fingers that lingered over her head and a kiss you planted on her forehead. She was lucky enough to come into this world and call you as her ‘Papa.’ And I am proud to be that grown up little girl of yours.

 You stood with me through the toughest times of my life. When I lost my hopes and was struggling to take my steps ahead, you were my bolster. When I was in tears you were my smile and kept your faith on me.

 I still remember, when I was low with my not so good marks in studies, you comforted me with your words. You knew, I could touch the skies. You knew, I had the capability to do everything in my life, with you by my side. When I went away for my studies, you cried inside without tears flowing outside. People say you are hard in heart, but I know you are a cotton ball inside. Fulfilling the duties of being a sincere father and a husband, you never thought about yourself. But, your love and care has given me everything in my life. During my stay in hostel, it was you who helped me get back my belief in myself. I had already lost hopes of getting good marks again. Till the time I was with you, when you were my teacher and my father, I always had those flying colours in my grades. Far away from you, I was lost in the woods of this cruel world and harsh people. I had almost given up. But, your words still ring in my ears, ‘Daughter, it’s okay. You study, rest we will see.’ Although I didn’t end up getting high scores in my senior secondary schooling, you never said a word of anger to me. You took leave, came near me because you knew that, I needed you by my side.

 My life is beautiful today, just because you stood with me in all my decisions. When I dreamed, you caught those dreams and handed them in my hands. When I wished, you held those wishes and showered them on me. When I wanted to achieve something, you became my path to reach the destination.

 I was always ambitious and high dreamer. And when no one was ready to listen to my dreams, you always had your ears by me. When I dreamed, you were there to hear those dreams. When people said, it’s all rubbish and you cannot achieve anything, you still sat and heard me speak about my dreams. When everyone said, she cannot do anything, you closed your ears and held my hands to walk ahead. They say, I don’t have a good future ahead. They say, my dreams are never going to be true. They say, I can never earn a high paid job. But, you still smile and give me a node of belief and confidence.

 When I wanted to continue my studies choosing a different and complex branch, no one supported me. All the people around tried convincing you and mom not to let e study out of town. We had numerous people coming over house and asking you not to listen to me. But, I was born with a lucky star around me: You. You gave me the opportunity. You opened new doors for me. You held me in your lap and drove me into my dreamland. You didn’t care what people said. You didn’t bother listening to people around. You knew, I was your daughter and you were my root of growth. 

 It is well said, a tree grows healthy and higher the more you water and take care of it. Your love and faith in me watered my roots. Your smile and support kept me growing higher and higher in my life. I am that sun sensitive sapling growing in the shadow of a huge tree beside me, ‘Papa.’

Whenever I dream, and want to share what I want from life, you hold my hands and say, ‘Yes, you can.’ I would have been in some corner of this world, crying on my life if you would have not walked with me. When everyone tried putting me down, you kept my head high. When people still say against me, you can’t bear to give them that opportunity. We have shared both lovable and harsh moments. And it is well said, we fight with a person we love the most. Our fights don’t dare to last longer. They know, it’s a beautiful bond of father and daughter that needs to be nurtured more and more.

 When I wanted to study more, you said ‘Yes you should.’ When I wanted to dream higher, you said ‘Yes you can.’ When I wanted to leave the reality and make my own world, you said ‘Yes you must.’ Your support is the reason behind my success today. Whatever I am, you are the footsteps behind it. When the world tried to crush me beneath it, your palms nurtured me. When society tried putting me down, your pride still remained on me.

Papa, thank you for everything. Thank you for believing on me. Thank you for listening to my ambitions and being a bolster on them. Thank you for changing my life into a brighter one and turning my darker days into shiny ones. I love you to the core my heart. Being lucky enough to have you by my side, you are best gift God has given me.

Your Princess…


Pratidhwani Biswal, a born poet, from Koraput district of Odisha, India loves to write from heart. Pursuing her career in Aerospace Engineering, but is very passionate about writing poems and stories.In her world of space, she always has a special place for poetry. Writing poems is not just a hobby for her, but an addiction that she never wants to give up. She feels, poetry is an emotion and a way of expressing the world through the tip of pen. She started writing at a very young age. Being daughter of a poetess and author of few books, she considers her Parents as her inspiration. Her poetry has been published in state and International anthologies. Coming from a small town, she grew up seeing the beautiful nature and reflects it in her writings.