Imperfect Perfection

Ladies wear makeup, party dresses and shoes. Like to paint their nails and wear stylish updos. 
A life made by having lots of material things,
along with it the stuff that style surely brings.

Show me a woman whose hair is a mess,
and in her closet only hangs one pretty dress.
In place of heels there are boots and tie shoes.
She works long hours and knows what to do.

A lady who can truly hold it all down, 
even when no one else is around.
The most beautiful one to for you to behold, 
is she who bears scars not a crown of gold.

A woman who works hard and looks a mess is a gorgeous gal I must confess.
Beauty is not made by color or clothes.
It exists from all that she learned and knows.

Her vibrant smile shows her delight and grace.
All the while her life is painted on her face.
Love her when she is tired and worn out.
She is a real lady without any doubt.

Admire her wild hair and her worn dirty socks.
Always remember she is a powerful rock.
Her strength is stunning and brilliantly true.
Always tell how her magnificent she is to you.

-Kimberly Cunningham


Kimberly Cunningham has published two books: Undefined and Sprinkles On Top. Also published in: Evergreen Journal, NY Literary Mag Tears, Torrid Literature, NY Literary Mag Flames, From The Heart by International Poetry Press , Crossways Lit Mag, other works forthcoming.This scriber holds her BS degree in Education from SUNY Oneonta and Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from University of Phoenix. She resides in CNY with her husband, daughter and two cats.

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