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Dear Scarlett

Dear Scarlett,

I want to tell you not to go to the bar that night. I want to say, just stay in with a good book. But I know you, if I tell you not to you'll only be more determined to do it. So get dolled up, go to the bar, listen to the band and dance your heart out. But listen. Listen when your best friend tells you to stay away from him (they work together and there have been rumors).

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Dear Cassie

Dear Cassie, 

Congratulations. We aren’t dead! You still fit in the same jeans from high school. You exercise constantly now though, and you barely eat. You drink too much wine. You should quit smoking. You’re not going to succeed at being a glassblower, or growing weed, or tattooing, or painting. No rich man will come rescue you from the diner or the bar.

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The Skirt

Dear N_____,

This letter is a little late in coming—close to fifty years isa sizable chunk of time—but I wanted to tell you that you can stop searching for that lovely brown linen skirt you left behind after a week’s visit with me when we were young girls on the brink of life. I hope that you have not spent too many of the decades between that summer and this one riffling through closets, calling various hotels, reaching out to friends to whom you might have lent it.  If you have, then stop.  No good will come of it, certainly no skirt.  I have never told anyone, but I kept that skirt of yours. 

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The Unloveable Little Girl

I am not allowed to be angry. I don’t mean I’m not allowed to yell or break things or act out, though that is strictly forbidden as well, obviously. I mean I am not allowed to feel the emotion itself. It has no place in my being, no space it can comfortably take up. Instead, it squeezes into other homes, transforms into anxiety or rejection or, a personal favorite, self-loathing.

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