Love Entwined with Forgiveness

I wasn’t really sure if I should write about this incident on social media platform. Then I thought why shouldn’t I? It is indeed something that we all should learn from. We, as parents, often spend most of our time teaching our children, the right values, the right manners and many other “right” things that are too many to list here. We are so engrossed in teaching them things that we forget they also have a thing or two to teach us. Things, which, if implemented, will make our lives a tad bit simpler.

With a three day weekend coming up and my forever pile of workload, it was pleasant surprise to receive an invite to my toddler’s friend’s birthday party. A friend he often mentions in his conversations about school. It seemed like my level of excitement was more than his and since the party was on a weekend, I was sure I could get him to the party. I even called the dear friend’s mom to thank her for the invite.

Our bedtime chores are very different to the usual toddler routines. Yes we do have story-time as one of our primary tasks, but we also have the task of finding a new toy to take to bed every day. It is through one of these, “barging through the treasure trove” sessions, I found the birthday invite and I realized, I had forgotten to attend the party!

I immediately apologized to my child but before I knew it, I was in tears. Then the most compassionate thing happened, my little love immediately hugged me and said it was ok for us to not attend the party. He even went on telling me, that we could always attend the party on another birthday of his friend.

My heart was chockfull of love and adoration, But mixed with adulation too –towards my four year old to whom forgiving someone’s mistake came so easily. Besides being forgiving he was also hopeful that he would get to attend the birthday another year. The optimism came to him so naturally, even though he didn’t know what it meant.

They say, “Time is the best teacher.” It indeed is! I’d also say children are the best teachers. Their innocence and virtuousness will leave you with lessons for a lifetime.

-sabiha gulraysd