Storytelling is a community event. Learning the stories of those around us—those we work with, those we go to school with, and even those whom we have just met—helps teach empathy. HerStry offers community centered workshops, both online and in person, to help you bring storytelling more intimately into your life.

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Let Your Writing Become Your Work:
A How To Guide to Freelance Writing

You’ve been writing for years. It’s time to take your work to the next level and start getting paid. Join us on Saturday, August 10th at 11AM - 1PM CST with freelance writing expert Kaitlyn Luckow, as she talks about how to turn your writing into your work and start getting paid.

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WHat You’ll learn:

  • The skills it really takes to be a freelancer

  • How to land your first client or build your current clientele 

  • All of the nitty gritty behind taxes, invoices, budgeting, and more

  • How to build your brand

Workshop Includes:

  • Freelance Starter Guide:

    • Activities to help you choose your writing niche

    • Worksheets to help plan your brand

    • Templates for writing an effective cover/query letter

  • 1 free edit/consult for a query letter with Kaitlyn

  • 50% off anything in Kaitlyn’s writing resource store

  • 50% off all HerStry Marketplace merch

About Kaitlyn:

Kaitlyn is a freelance and UX writer with roots in secondary English Education. After being a high-school English teacher for five years, she took the leap to follow her passion for increasing compassion and understanding through storytelling. She believes in the power of well-crafted writing, honest copy and professionally-edited content and its ability to lift others up. She hopes to encourage confidence and to help people embrace their strengths and feel less alone in this world.

Her writing specialities/genres include: copywriting, journalism, poetry, and fiction. Her work has been features on USA Today, Passport Health, Nannocare, Photography Concentrate, and many more. Her poetry has been published in books from The Crybaby Club and Wide Eyes Publishing.



In-Person Workshops

Our in-person workshops offer a chance for women to come together in an intimate setting to tell stories and empower one another. In person workshops are available upon request at the location of your choosing. Whether it be your book club, your writing class, or your workplace, HerStry will tailor the workshop just for you.

All in person Workshops are between 2-3 hours and include:

  • Tools and tips to tell your personal narrative

  • Getting to the bottom of WHY your story is important

  • Time for each participant to share part of her story,
    if she wishes.

  • HerStry journals for each woman in attendance



School Age Workshops

Our school aged Workshops are geared towards girls in grades 6 - 12 and focus on the power of storytelling and self-esteem.

It’s no secret that better self awareness leads to better self-esteem. It's also no secret that from a young age many girls learn to keep quiet, becoming a minor character in their own story. Let’s change that!

HerStry school aged workshops teach girls to take a hold of their stories and write them for themselves.