HerStry Anthology Volume One

Introducing the HerStry Anthology


Our very first in print collection of women's stories. Our first anthology will be called Beginnings and will feature stories centered around the theme of Beginning. The anthology will be illustrated by our favorite artist Sarah Messina.

What we are looking for:

  • Raw, honest, true stories from women around the world

  • Previously unpublished stories

  • Stories should range in length from 1,000 - 8,000 words

  • Manuscripts should be well edited

  • Authors should submit their work in the form of a word document. Please no PDFs.

  • Authors should submit a short third person bio and an author photo along with their story

  • Authors should submit their work as follows: First Name Last Name Title

  • Stories should focus on the theme of Beginnings in some way

  • Stories must be true and about the author

Submission deadline is May 1st, 2019

Chosen authors will receive a payment of $10 for their story, a free copy of Beginnings: HerStry Anthology Volume One, a discount code for friends and family, and other great HerStry swag. The HerStry Anthology will be printed with an ISBN number as well putting the author and their work in the Library of Congress.

HerStry welcomes new and established authors. We believe every woman has a story worth telling. Women of color and LGBTQIA+ writers espcially encouraged to submit.

Submission Fee

$4 From February 18th-March 11th
$5 From March 12th-April 21st
$6 From April 22-May 1st

All submission fees go toward covering the cost of publishing the Anthology and paying our writers!