My Mental Health:
Stories About Our
Mental Healthcare

These days everywhere we turn someone is talking about mental health. Caring for ourselves, loving our bodies and our minds, is becoming more and more mainstream. But it is still hard to talk about the real, raw, stories that come with mental illness. We still back away from those stories in favor of self care tips and mental health days.

During the month of March HerStry wants to tell your real, raw, honest mental health stories. These are not stories that are coated over for mainstream consumption. They are your true stories about living your every day life with mental illness and how you survive it, triumph, or barely get by.

The Rules:

  • All stories must be true and about you.

  • All stories must follow the theme of mental health
    in some way.

  • All stories must be between 500-2,000 words.

  • All stories must be submitted in some type of word document. PDFs and stories pasted directly into the body of the email will not be accepted.

  • All stories must be submitted with a short third person author bio and author photo.

  • All stories due March 22nd.*

*HerStry regrets that we cannot accept and publish every story submitted. But we thank you for your time.