Take this pair of scissors
And carefully snip my seams apart
Remove the thread of these sutures

Keep your eyes on mine
So you’ll know which strings are anchored deep
Listen for the catch of my breath
And once it’s finished
I’ll collapse slowly

Keep your hands round me
My knees might give way in your presence
Partially from exhaustion of the journey
Partially from relief that you exist

We only get these brief moments
Swaddled safely
Away from the fray
Where seconds turn into eternity

There’s a long way yet to go
So drink up, my love
We’ll feast on the food of our souls
Take sustenance from my lips

Please don’t rue your scars
Don’t fear them
Don’t shame them
Don’t hide them
I’m here now—
Release what you think you know

See like you’ve lost your hearing
Feel like you’ve lost your sight
Hear like you’ve lost your touch
Gratitude becomes your palette

We will paint the senseless
Into patterns of light

-Margaret Mary Groeschl


PoetryJulia NusbaumComment