An Opportunity for Growth

I never thought smiles could aggravate a soulful spirit.

Undefined feelings
Uncharted Territory
Discovering what to define.

The pixie dust illuminates the lake
Climbing up the cliff was harder than it appears
Blood trickles down the leg
Fear of falling, she holds her breath.
"I don't know what to do. I am going to fall"
A hand miraculously appears to cease the distress.

"Just get a tight grip and I will help you up"

This is holding hands at best. Holding hands signifies trust.
They were just discussing how the spirit cannot be taken advantage of by holding of hands.

Holding on to someone to help you.
Trusting that they'll help you reach your destination without a toll to be paid.

And how does someone ever return that kind of favor?
By unknowingly reciprocating that trust and sharing of hope that everything will be okay.

She joyously jumps 45 feet into the forbidden unknown.

"come on jump! I swear if I can do it you can do it"

An opportunity they must take.

Hope is hanging on to pure energy. And love being able to share that energy freely.

-Noel Blackmire