Sweet Slumber

My sweet slumber has seduced my senses.
The silence is a stolen spring day.

my body is sedated, my thoughts are flowing rapidly
My mind becomes free, my heart is dancing in the garden

My solace has come to a halt, my heart jumps to the sky.
And in that moment I realized I could have died.

The steady beats of my heart's rhythm is turning blue
The sky fades out gray, I wake, open my eyes to you

For a moment I glance, for a second we linger..
then I gasp for breath because you stole mine all away.

gently shutting eyes, your dream tosses and turns all throughout the night
My spring has sprung and my senses are delayed.
My body is on fire, melting away. I reach to catch your dream but I’m stuck in the light.

-Noel Blackmire