How many times have I dreamed of a Daddy?
A man with a plan, a love of his family,
A man who would care; a father who’s there,
Who would guide me and love me, maybe even hug me
Who’d share his drink, teach me to think

A Daddy who praised me, wanted to raise me,
Maybe a dad who didn’t make me crazy
But the family with that was just for his boys
They got the love, the toys, the hugs, and his voice
And all I got was lost in the noise.

So many times I imagined a father
Who’d kiss me goodnight and bring me some water
Who’d ask how I feel, who’d let me be real,
not leave me out like so many others
who’d value my life like those of my brothers

I long for a dad I could talk with and walk with
I wish he’d be more Dadly, want connection so badly
Gave him all that I had, he just said it wasn’t godly
Never knew how much it hurt, not the worst, not the first
And blood may be thicker but it doesn’t quench my thirst

-Cynthia O'Malley