my body & my dreams are my own

i was sexualized at work
by a drunk man
who told his buddy that i had,
"nice assets";
who wouldn't stop asking me out
i kept smiling and trying to be professional
his friend insisted that i couldn't go out
with him because i was at work,
but he wouldn't stop asking;
felt a sense of relief
wash over me as they left—
it was so uncomfortable and made me so
anxious even though i tried to hide that behind a
friendly customer service smile
privately i was disgusted
that anyone would talk about someone like that
in front of them,
and i don't care how drunk someone is;
women are more than mere sexual conquests
and vessels for carrying children
we are just as human as any
our dreams and contributions to the world
are not lesser or made insignificant or null because
of men,
and so i don't see why are bodies are treated like objects;
because they're our bodies
stop talking about mine like you own it.

- linda m. crate

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