He Said/She Said

In case I forget, he said, I love you.
I love you, she said, as if there was no one else in the world to love.
That’s how it should be, he said, and he kissed her pink mouth with his thick, brown lips.

I stayed for you, he said, I saw how upset you were, and I couldn’t leave.
But you fought so hard to win, she said.
I only fought to win you, he said, because I knew you were worth it.
And I will fight the rest of my life to prove you right, she said.
And she placed her ear atop his heartbeat and ran her fingers through his thick, black chest hair.

You’re doing too much, he said, as he stared at her pretty black dress.
You don’t like it? She said, twirling slowly in a circle.
I love it, he said, and she said, then it’s not too much.

 You are, she said, my favorite.
I know that I am your favorite, he said, and you are my everything.
You love me as if I have never known what it was like to be loved before, she said.
Now I’m showing you, he said, with his fingers in her long black hair and his chocolate eyes on
her sea foam emeralds.
I pray you never stop, she said.
Well, in case I forget, he said, I love you.
And she said, just don’t ever forget.

-CLS Ferguson 

To read more of CLS' work visit her website.

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