Reliving the Nightmare

Little black specs
Curled hairs in a pile between her feet
A tear might have fallen down her cheek
But there was no moisture left in her body
Instead, a drop of blood fell upon the hairs [pulled from her skin]
As if in an effort to mask the results of
Her humiliation
Nervous sweat coated her until
She was too cold to feel how hot her skin still burned
She felt the madness overtake her
But she was not crazy
They made her relive/retell the story until
There was not emotion left behind it
As if to justify their cries of
Liar! Liar!
They finally let her put on a hospital gown
But they would never let her have her clothes back
They said
The arbitration was no trial
What would Jesus do?
The attacker asked
This refreshed the pools of tears piling on her chest
Drowning her for [yet another] defeat
She should have expected it
This was not the first time
She drank the poison
[She did not ask for this]
Perhaps everyone felt sorry for her
But no one believed her
It will always be easier for them to think of her as a liar than him as a rapist

-CLS Ferguson

You can read more of CLS' work on her website.

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