Storms Ahead

I talk about the soul a lot

The soul being tarnished and how it can never return to its once innocent state

To her it felt like a Category 5 tornado blasting through her psyche without warning

Gut wrenching devastation, that she never could have predicted.  Would  a premonition have helped? If she could've seen it coming would it have been less devastating?

While the mysterious world around her seem to stand still, her soul's axis was spinning 1000 miles an hour inside her.  Just like the Earth does

The inside of a tornado knows no gravity.  It twists, twirls, crashes, tears, breaks, bends and splits anything inside of it.  Is spins with 318 mile an hour winds.

Storms are supposed to check in and check out.

The unwelcomed arrival leaves it residents thinking "let's just get through this, it will blow over!".

Days passed but her Category 5 storm stayed intact  It flattened the cozy house that her subconscious was building.  Her family values, healthy views of relationships and parental foundations were uprooted by the storm.

The sounds of the the wind were an everyday distraction

The twirling turmoil left her wishing for the day when the news reporter would tell her "clear skys on the horizon"

The skies would clear but not soon enough.

-Maria Martinez

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