Girls on Bus #197

I sit with the girls that hide behind their books,
and hurry through the hallways hoping no one would look
The girls that stand in front of mirrors
who've been taught to hate their reflection,
Who've been left behind by the people they love, 
so they struggle with rejection
I sit with the girls who feel alone-
who'd wished they'd expire,
Who chase their thoughts with
dreams of looking like the models they admire
I sit with the girls who never talk,
who feel they have no place to fit,
And all the girls who have nightmares
of things they wish to forget
I sit with the girls made of magic,
who cannot see their light
And the girls who've toted scrapes and cuts, 
but taught themselves to fight
I sit with the girls who've surmounted the lows,
who've struggled to beat hard days,
I sit with the girls who'd been these girls,
who've conquered...
who've been brave