Dopamine Killer

Dopamine blocked 
Hindering you 
To tremble 

Dopamine Killer
Midnight Blues

I weep 
I willow 
Waiting for your high 
To release into my forest 

My dad cut down dead trees in 
My backyard I grew up in 
I played in the woods my whole life
Now I am just trying to get back there 

The earth moves 
But I don't feel the shake 
Unless I thrust myself 
Into the wind 

The curve on your pelvis 
Dances on top of my hips

I find a rhythm 
In the stillness 

The dopamine arrives!
And leaves abruptly..

You exit the woods.
When I never knew 
you walked there. 

Basking in the dark corridor 
I pray 
to the night 
My answer came 
In the dead trees 
I climbed in 
In my wild youth.

-Noel Marie Blackmire

PoetryJulia NusbaumComment