People say or think at least that for a young petite girl of 18 I am too free 

my dreams are too high 

my actions are excessively erratic 

and as far from this planet as possible 

but that is exactly where I want them because why would I want them to be here among people like that who reside here 

people who desire to limit my experiences, my power, and my opportunities - particularly of freedom. 

I will continue to carry on as I do because they haven't seen the alluring views that I have or experienced the feeling of ecstatic happiness, activated by stranger's kindness or learnt life's simple lessons as adequately as I have. 

Therefore, where they advance in concern with regards to life's limitations, I will continue to flourish. For after all,

life in that small village is safe but it is certainly not brave.

 I for one do not intend on spending my short life on being safe.

- Elle Wakfield 

Julia NusbaumComment