Love Changed My Heart


Day after day.

Night after night.

The crucible of time. Time  will make us; not break us. Bad things will happen and at times a hardening of heart seems necessary. Nothing can be further from the truth. I had hardened my heart for 33 years. Child sexual assault, human trafficking; drug addiction. They all required a hard heart. Or so I thought. My hard heart kept me in the wilderness. It wasn't until I was completely broken and at my lowest point did I realize that I could no longer reject my essence. An essence of love. I had no where to turn to but to God. My deliverer. An amazing love rushed though my heart and soul. I have never felt so alive. I have finally found that feeling I was looking for all along and I didn't have to use a drug to get it. I surrendered to love. I surrendered to Jesus and my whole fantastic world has been ROCKED BY LOVE! 

-Jennifer Clinger