The letter originally appears on Jessica's personal blog .

Hello lovely – You don't exist in this world yet, but I’m already in love with you and how deeply beautiful you are. The mere hint of your existence is exciting and overwhelming.

I’m excited to meet you and witness how your presence will shift the world.

I could tell you all the crazy, depressing belief systems and stereotypes that will try and keep you quiet and small; but there’s no need because I know your spirit will triumph.

I am no expert, so the only words I wish to leave you are ones I wish I had embedded in my heart as I was growing and discovering my identity…

  • It’s ok to not have a plan, to not know what the next step is and to spend time figuring out who you are, what you like and dislike. Success is not defined by a 5 year plan, it is defined by you and you alone.

  • When you meet others, one of the first things they will ask what you do for work, but that’s not who you are. You are so much more than any singular, limiting title. You are limitless and expansive.

  • Set boundaries to protect your time, heart and emotions. Boundaries do not make you selfish or unkind, they protect your health. Your time is yours and your most valuable, finite resource. You do not have to give it away to everyone who asks for it. The time you spend with others is a gift, not an expectation.

  • You will make mistakes. That’s a given and there is absolutely nothing wrong with you when you do. You are not expected to be perfect. Perfection is unattainable. Mistakes mean that you’re trying new things, learning and fully living.

  • Give no one space or permission to make you feel shame or guilt about being your authentic self; this includes your mind, opinions, spirit and body. You are you and you and you are brilliant and whole.

  • Don’t ask for permission to say what you want to say, feel what you want to feel and be who you want to be.

  • Surround yourself with others who are unafraid to be genuine, love you unconditionally and challenge you to be fully you.

  • Above and beyond anything else, love fully, deeply and with reckless abandon. This includes prioritizing self care and loving yourself fully and loving others without judgement.

I love you and am immensely proud of you already. You’re brilliant, enough and loved beyond your wildest comprehension. You’ll always have a home in my arms. Absolutely nothing you do or don’t do will ever diminish my love for you.

Love forever and always,

Your mama


-Jessica Ness