The Cave

My vagina had a fracture but I did not have any health insurance. 
I stapled the pedals. 
Refusing to nourish the mother inside. The little girl screamed. nudenovelties. White knuckled nothing. 
My uterus wanted to cry but I swallowed amphetamine and stuck a thick flesh pencil inside.

My body could not cry. I refused to cleanse my soul with blood. 
The red sea was flowing inside but I remained to keep those sutures tight.

Honesty hiding in the harvest of her genitals.
The oasis of orgasm were deep below Mariana’s trench.

27 years of a symphony kept silenced. 
Years of being dehydrated.

A skeleton key dove into like the challenger. 
Fiddling with the fragile pedals.

Lying on the surgeons table. Drilling ink on her ribs.
Those ribs were hers. Not Adam’s. Not Paul’s. Not anyone.
The bone danced and gradually streamed red.

Tears trickled down her cheeks.

The subtle surrender startled my vessel to weep.

Don’t mourn my pain. 
Celebrate my bloody cave
of strength.
And power.

-Noel Blackmire


Noel Marie is a jersey girl living in Tennessee. She works for the state but also teaches yoga and is currently in graduate school for public policy.She hikes and paints with organic material like leave and flowers. Noel has been writing poetry and stories ever since she was a little girl and hopes that her words and art makes an lady impact not to the whole world but just one person because that is how change is truly made .