To My Younger Self

Dear Younger Me,

I’m not that old, only 24…but I’m old enough to want to talk to you and tell you everything I’ve learned so that maybe you can feel better about who you are.

I wanted to start by telling you that I know you’ve had a mature understanding of life since you were born and from this intellectual prowess sprung some unexpected problems. Let me rephrase that: nothing about your personality and capabilities caused problems but, perhaps you did make your childhood and teenage years a little more difficult than they needed to be.

Everything that happened to you was the most important thing in your life whether it was a boyfriend when you were 13, or if you had a test, or if you and your friend had a falling out, or if you made a new best friend every year and every best friend moved. EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. I’m here to tell you that your problems aren’t important. They seem important to you because you don’t know what beautiful things and people and places are out there in the world. You just see what’s in front of you. That’s okay, as you physically get larger your world will get larger too and you’ll be able to look past your mother’s leg.

I don’t know what exactly makes you grow up. It could have been when you learned that “All Things Must Pass” I know from that moment when there was a bad time you would close your eyes and wait until it was over. If it was a good time you’d hold onto the moment as long as possible not knowing if something so wonderful would happen again. Maybe you started to grow up when you realized that people were taking advantage of you and that you had given out all the time and energy you could spare. Maybe you started growing up recently when you became aware of some of your value and would not forgive those who stepped over you. If growing up were so easy to pinpoint I’m sure that someone would have found a way to stop it already.

In your case growing up was good because your perception grew into your brain. You’ll miss being a child, you’ll look back on how silly all your worrying was and all the fun things you truly can only enjoy before you become jaded. Trick-or-Treating. Christmas. Trips to the farm. The list goes on. I’ll tell you what you don’t miss: the extra acid from worrying or the knots from bouts of social anxiety. I promise you will be able to walk into a room where you’re not supposed to know anyone, bump into someone from your past, admit you have no idea who they are and be instantly forgiven. When other people grow up they’re more forgiving and now finally in the same league as you. It only took 20 years for them to catch up. You’ll also find in these newly formed adults, some helping hands and some bended ears. No longer will you have to bear one sided friendships and conversations. You won’t have to worry about how you look or what people think of you. You have a good heart and a solid mind and as long as you’re yourself you’ll be able to tackle the toughest of problems.

So please worry less. Have fun if you can and don’t worry, things will start to be okay when you grow up.

With this knowledge, don’t rush to adulthood- it will come soon enough.

I love you dearly and preciously,

Your Older Self.


Concetta was born and raised in Toronto Canada. She loves everything to do with old movies and old literature. Eleanor Parker is the most glamorous actress she's ever seen and her favourite book might be City of Endless Nights by Milo Hastings. She lives with her very loving and supportive family and she hopes to one day find a career she loves as much as she loves all her hobbies combined.