Upcoming Themes

The Monthly Theme is intended to act as a prompt to help writers tell their stories.  You are free to interpret the theme in anyway you like as long as the story you send us is true and about you. Before you submit a story make sure you check out our guidelines. 


january -

#Metoo: Stories of Survival and Resistance

February -

Women of Power: Stories About Finding Our Inner Strength

March -

My Mental Health: Stories About Our Mental Healthcare

April -

Feel the Rage: Stories About Owning Our Anger

May -

All About Mom: Stories About Our Mothers

June -

Unsent Love Letters: Stories About Our Lost Loves

July -

Dear Past Me

August -

Handle with Care: Stories About Grief

September -

Our Grandmother’s Stories

October -

More than My Body: Breast Cancer Stories

November -

If Only: Stories About the Chances We Wish We Took

December -

Different than I Expected: Postpartum Stories