A Poem for My Parents

Check mate

My dad is teaching my beloved
Mother how to play chess.
"He beat me twice already"
"But we will have a rematch today"
She tells me.
Her heart is not made of plastic
It is made of gold.
Sometimes it feels like plastic but I know she is stronger than she thinks
So does he..
He doesn't let her win cause he know she will figure it out.
He watches her in pain. In agony.
If our knees were made of plastic it would be an easier process to heal.
But our bones and muscles take a lot longer.
In the journey of love...It all takes time
"I've been with her fourty twoyears I don't plan on stopping now" he says to me.
What a beautiful experience she is having and has no idea just yet.

Human experience .

I'm a witness from afar to the see the musclesof their soul mend together

They replaced her knee with metal and plastic but she takes a capricious breathe and remembers.

My father taught me how to do math with red caps from milk cartons . I learned by watching how he loved and treated people. Compassion was learned through watching him watch her in all her splendor.

I learned from
My mother how to feel so deeply that it hurts and what a gift that is.
that is the hardest lesson to learn .

Embracing the human experience.

Love is stronger than plastic .
They enjoy their coffee weak in flavor
But their lives . Oh their lives are stronger than anything I have ever sipped on before.

I wonder what game they will
Play next .


-Noel Marie Blackmire