(Re) Visit

Your hands are cold.
Your chest some sort of gracious cave
With you, the seasons collide,
and I'm not sure why..
The tips of your fingers are like icicles ..
But, again, your heart is warm.
Perhaps, everything you've touched has cut through your skin
But never made its way to the home of your heart
Or maybe your heart is in over drive...
And it's the only thing stopping you from feeling nothing.
Because you're so cold but you blanket me to make sure I stop shivering
Forgetting all about yourself...for me...
Or maybe you're using me to try to warm you up
Because you're just as cold
What seemed like an eternity still not long enough,
was only a 7 second hug
Where no one wanted to let go
But we did, as if our hearts belonged to someone else
Or because we were too ashamed to have betrayed what feelings we'd had
For running and not staying.
For giving up on each other
And I hated you for leaving me
But for 7 seconds you came back
Not the same as you were before, but, still somewhat familiar
Even with those cold fingertips  and your over-worked heart,
I felt home for a short moment
And as soon as you let me go we returned to known strangers
You with your lifeless skin..
Me, anemic and shivering...
We'd made a habit of being familiar with one anotherAs well as knowing what we wanted, 
but running away again.
...Because, maybe, 
even though we wanted each other,
we wanted to run more...
Because it seemed safer.