Love Notes to the Sinking

It's so easy to trip into darkness-especially when it's available after you feel you've exercised all of your options and efforts. But climbing out of that dark far more testing and challenging once you're in there than you know. Fight hard to stay away from it please. Don't give up. Don't assume you are worth nothing and no on sees you-even if no one sees you. When in the company of darkness, its only best offer is more darkness and the opportunity to pull you down even further. Don't sink. The fight is hard. Blinding. Isolating. Exhausting. But it's no home to live in, and it's no place to stay. It's eager to take whoever it can and suck the life right out of you. Drain you. It will grab at the things that keep and make you feel alive. It will tear away at your most treasured dreams. It will steal your heart and disrupt your peace. And its best efforts are to assure you know have no clue as to who you are while gripping away the memories you'd once had of yourself. Don't you let the darkness in. Keep fighting.

...and if you happen to sink, and the world and everything around you cripples you, crawl your way out. And if you happen to stumble in too deep and it's far too dark for you to see your way out, use your hands to feel your way. And if you are far too tired to try, have the audacity to try again. And if someone-even if it's just one person-gives a damn, call for help. And if there's no one calling out for you, know someone like me-who is someone like you-sees you, cares, and is holding out a hand to help pull you up.