Me, in Hiding

I am a moo from behind a Beryllium oak.
I am a knock on wood for luck.
I am only one of 63 personalities that I hide.
Moving fast, faster than a mustang.
I am 12 beautiful banjos playing
Along to your favorite song that is blasting,
Loudly through the speakers of a car that barely works.
I am a shoe mat that the delivery boy spilled Mexican food onto
I am hiding in Jayme’s closet because I am terrified of you.
Your lips taste a bitter sweet.
He was the chairman to my heart (double fitting it).
But some glitches over powered his love.
My unclear devotion now only knows of you.
But my loud silence is kept deep
Where all bespoken hate and non-awaken glory hide,           
A beaming question unanswered,
Is asked by this heart in despair   

-JL Hansen