Here I sit alone in my thoughts
A roomful of people and I'm still alone
What brought me here I don't really remember
Maybe it was a cool Autumn's night in  late September 

That was the day you left me and went  away
You said you'd be back another day
Yet days turned to weeks. 
Weeks turned to months, and months turned into years

Here I sit alone in my tears
Tears  that are falling in my mind
These tears will leave a man with sight
Completely blind.

Blind to what's going on around him
Not realizing what he has right in front of him
Because he is alone in his own thought process
And He has to deal with a mess.

A mess That You left him to handle alone
It has been said, "that no man is an island"
But in my mind I stand surrounded by water
In this so called "Wayward Land"

Alone "to be or not to be"
My question I asked myself so many times
Only in my menagerie have I been blind
Sometimes I just want to be alone.

So I go inside my mind and stay there for along time
I hear you, But I'm not here with you.
See you are speaking and spilling your inner most thoughts
But my mind is traveling somewhere in time.

This is a place where I go to be alone
I've been there before
It's my escape mechanism
It's where I have sanity in my head
The world is forever changing
Yet everything stays the same in my mind because  I'm always

-Marion Parish 

PoetryJulia NusbaumComment