Blistering, seething pain
Relationships past.
Lurid misery feigns
A love that would not last.

Sailing high on endorphins,
This crooked match a lie;
Leave me be, life urchin
Tears for you, I no longer cry.

Break free the ties that bind,
A painful love, I flee.
Cry out the displeasure of mind
The comforter, he searches for me. 

Dredge through the skeletons,
Search for my soul,
Scrape off the refuse,
Expose that which is not whole.

Quench my hatred,
Suffocate my scorn,
Breathe life in this desert,
Create in me, Earth porn. 

Inseminate my nature with your purity,
Cover me in your grace.
Drive out the insecurities,
Unveil the devil’s face.

Abandoned in hell, rescued from despair,
Shown a love near pure, my heart feigns repair.
Baggage from past lovers, swimming in my space.
Freed from twisted bondage, yet scars are not erased. 

Pretending with this lover, 
to be whole and full and fixed.
Still apologetically broken, 
All the good remains eclipsed.

-Shannon L. Hall

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