An Ode to Mercury Retro

Thank you
For the storms
The thunder that rattles my chest
Broken bones and bated breath.

Lightning cracks and calls my name
Brings me back to life.
Down my face, the rain
runs sweet and warm.

And I remember.
I am the storm. 
The thunder.
The earth.

The mountain that looms
Belongs to me and I to her.
The wolves, the bears, the beasts
Are sisters.

I am the river
Flowing swiftly
Twisting. Turning.
Lost in my own current.

She spits me out
And I dive deeper. 
In these waters, I am safe.
I remember.

Like Divine nectar
Spilling into myself.
Thick. Warm. Sweet.
I melt like honey on my own lips.

Electric skin. Burning heart.
Nothing outside
Has ever felt so good
As touching my own darkness. 

So, thank you
For the storm
That rattles my chest
...and invites me in.

-Lauren Venable

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Lauren Venable is a single mama, meditation teacher, and energy healer living consciously in South Louisiana. Her work in spiritual embodiment empowers women to challenge their stories and shift their energy to experience deep healing. She offers a range of healing services including guided energy healing sessions, online classes, and 1:1 deep dive journeys. She also has a line of crystal-infused self care items that she hand makes in small batches with natural ingredients and so much love. All of her products are designed to bring a sense of Sacred ritual into daily life, which she believes is the key to present, passionate, turned-on living!  

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