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A Wink and A Smile

My midlife crisis arrived like a midnight locomotive a decade later than expected. I gazed at myself in the mirror and realized it was time to face reality. I looked just like the woman who had given me advice all my life. Make room for Mama!

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Everyone’s Neighbor

 A well-worn path leads straight to the back door of my ninty-eight year old neighbor, Rose. When my family and I were planning a move to the area, she was the first person I met. Earlier that day she had returned from her final visit to the doctor who performed her hip replacement surgery.

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My Lifetime Warriors

“I am Woman.  Hear me roar, in numbers to big to ignore...”

How very blessed I was to be eleven years old when Helen Reddy launched her emphasise anthem, to the world.  With her pageboy haircut, knitted vest and high waisted flared jeans, she was everything I aspired to be.  However, it was the lyrics of her (now iconic) song which captured my imagination the most.  Women across the world were uniting, and Helen’s song became their theme song.

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