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I Do Not Know What it is Like to be a Mother

I do not know what it is like to be a mother. I am not sure if I ever want to. But I know that I could never be who I am if it was not for the mothers before me. My Mother’s Mother was one of the toughest and prickly people you could even encounter. However, she loved her children and her grandkids more than anything. She may not have been sweet but she made sweet treats. She may not have always been prim and proper but she told you the truth and always stood up for herself. Her life was rough but through it all she found love and gave love and that is what truly mattered.

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Princesses Go To College

“And then Cinderella realized she was much too young to get married and went to college instead.”

That’s the ending I remember. My mother began the practice of changing fairy tale endings before I was old enough to realize it, and then continued the practice with my younger sister. By the time she came along I had seen the Disney movies enough times to know that the princess always got married, but I parroted the bit about college to Katy, six years my junior, none the less. It had become ingrained.

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A Mother's Love

Love. Wife’s love, mother’s love, sibling love.  I witness love applied in very generous and uplifting ways by my mother.  Do I believe my mom’s love sustained our family for a time?  By sheer force, Mama Book’s strength lifted our spirits and kept out dark thoughts with anything less than positive feelings.  Her love with her faith and incredible hope carried our family through dark times.  Often I hear the following verse quoted in weddings, but my mom practices her brand of love in just this way.

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My mother didn’t have an easy time giving life to me. In fact, she nearly lost hers bringing me into the world. She spent her time, finances and overall health making sure I was still breathing. I owe a lot to my mother, but there is one thing that I will always be indebted to her for - giving me the ability to feel.

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