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The Skirt

Dear N_____,

This letter is a little late in coming—close to fifty years isa sizable chunk of time—but I wanted to tell you that you can stop searching for that lovely brown linen skirt you left behind after a week’s visit with me when we were young girls on the brink of life. I hope that you have not spent too many of the decades between that summer and this one riffling through closets, calling various hotels, reaching out to friends to whom you might have lent it.  If you have, then stop.  No good will come of it, certainly no skirt.  I have never told anyone, but I kept that skirt of yours. 

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Sky Burial

At first, I thought I’d killed you. The Friday before, you texted to tell me that you were going to drown yourself in the Monongahela River. It was late Spring. You were drinking again. 

“Go to the ER,” I told you. “Please don’t give up.” But, I didn’t offer to sit with you or hold your hand till the pain stopped. Instead, I just imagined you wandering along the trail by the river’s edge, staring into the murky rush. 

“I’m okay,” you texted finally, three hours later. 

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A Month After Mother's Day

Dear Mom,

As you know, I’ve been wearing glasses since kindergarten and even though Dad is always trying to get me to take them off for picture taking, you’ll see that I’ve managed to keep them on in almost every photo. In my developmental years my glasses were a part of my identity. I was that girl with the ponytail and glasses. I revelled in being identifiable as if my glasses gave me a reputation.

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